In fine solid, you can find engineering plastics used in various industries. Optimized sliding performance, wear resistance, high operating temperature, high strength, good dimensional stability and chemical resistance are the prerequisites for the replacement of traditional materials. Depending on the structure of the polymer material, thermoplastic plastics can be divided into non crystalline and semi crystalline plastic. Non crystalline structure of the plastic is usually transparent, but in the use and processing process is often prone to stress cracking. Because of the high dimensional stability of the non crystalline plastics, they are suitable for the manufacture of precision components. Semi crystalline plastics are opaque, most of the toughness is good, with good or excellent resistance to chemical properties. Plastics can also be distinguished according to their resistance to temperature: High temperature plastic: the long-term use of such plastic temperature is higher than 150 degrees C, with excellent temperature - Mechanical properties. Engineering Plastics: plastics that can be used for a long time in the range of 100-150 degrees C, they have good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Plastic: long - term use of plastics in the temperature range below 100.
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